Working in the shadows
for your spotlight

Your sidekick is your secret asset. Here to listen, define what will suit you best to reach your audience, and build the solid communication you need.
This is not a systematic pattern, but the development of the specific answer for you, to create your very own spotlight.

Is success in your plans?

Parisian Chapel

Minimalist symbolism

The venue is unique: modern and asymmetrical architecture. Following this unpredictable dynamic, the theme color recalls the bricks of the façades, brought inside the walls. This brick symbolic goes even further in the design. The pattern of the background, referring to the community's members, represent those elements gathered with the same purpose of transcendence, getting lighter as they rise. To make the contents even more vivid, strong quotation marks give a voice to the walls.

Share an ideal

Win the lunch battle

For the students, a strict budget is part of the routine. How to convince them to spend it on a healthy meal, when the norm is only about cheap and fast?


Mint is the second name of freshness. It refers to the vegetal seasonning as well as refreshing drinks: this is the word that makes you want to sit at a restaurant at noon. Short, easily appropriated, it has this amount of obviousness that makes it part of your every day life in a glance. Let’s meet at the Mint.


The round inflated shapes scream ‘gourmandise’. The drops of water add to the freshness. You didn't realize, but now you're thirsty. The glossy green reminds you of the fresh vegetal presence, without needing too obvious images (enough leaves already!). The script font sets the logo on a human-scale level.

Alternatives for people with disabilities

Engineered for safety and comfort

Far from the common childish, rounded and colorful shapes to lure your affection, the brand addresses its users with straight to the point arguments backed by solid specifications. What I would call, indeed, respect. The graphics are clear, and built towards the sole enthusiasm of performance. The product speaks for itself. It is at the core of the message, no extra fuss required.

Selling images

As an interior designer, you offer technical guidance, and of course, good taste. What is more convincing than appealing results? The graphical chart underlines the delicassy and refinement you are looking for, with a language that can seduce both modern or traditional spirits.

Technical solutions for database users

Complexe questions do not have to be paired with opaque explanations. The challenge here is to propose refined processes as clear solutions to the user. Simplicity and minimalism will set the most welcoming atmosphere for this purpose, along with reassuring hand-drawings. See, it's easy.

The graphism is also adapted to fit Japanese habbits: spare web design, business cards including a free space to hold it with both hands.

Ethics & Values

Let's gather around common values
and share ambitions

We choose each other because we agree the following principles are the keys to a successful collaboration.

Bold design for ambitious branding

Only a strong, coherent and disruptive communication will impact your audience. There is no half-measure to stand out.

state of mind

Choose your Sidekick wisely

Your art director is not just another link in the chain. Two individuals will never come up with the same ideas and design. Keep in mind the one you choose will deliver a very unique result.

final state

Ethics and efficiency

You are asking for my expertise, use it. Instead of discussing 90's Word Art effects, let’s save time and be productive! Give me the lead on graphics and trust me to put my heart and soul into qualitative work. This is my passion.


Curious about who is at your side?

Since my architecture years, Mies Van der Rohe words resonate in me: "God is in the details". To construct a coherent message, from total design to pixel-perfect illustrations, is my leitmotiv. A coherent set of conscious choices has to govern every little thing. My graphical language is built that way, just like myself.

I invite you to visit my personal works to continue our meeting.

Thank you for your visit.